the ink that revealed me


The concept of a written work is to preserve an age, a feeling, an experience and move readers through it. When a person writes there is an untold story that comes wrapped with the ones which are told, masked by open words are motivations that the writer goes through before inking narratives. Often we do not only meet the characters of fiction or the philosophies of the author but also their deep-seated desires.

When I write I do so aimlessly at first. I write and do not stop until I feel I have exhausted all the words out of my system. I do not try to stop the words from flowing no matter how dissonant they may sound because I want my works to genuinely convey how I feel or think at that moment. Words are the bulldozers that destroy the walls guarding my secrets. I may not reveal them directly but to those who brilliantly read between lines and find the links between my stories and the way I wrote them, you may know me more than half the people I talk to everyday.

Writing is not only liberating it’s also revealing. Imagine writing about that wretched day on your journal, how your car stopped so you had to push it, how the line was too long so you had to wait for an hour to get your sandwich, how there is so much to do so you had to work late to finish everything. When you finish writing it down, you’ll feel less irritated because you were able to put it all out there and let it go. You’re free! But you’ll also see that despite how crappy that day was supposed to be, you pushed through it and never gave up. You found the strength to push your car, the patience to wait in line and the dedication to go over and beyond for your job. That’s a revelation of your character. You may not notice it but your works reveal a part of you that you may not intend to show.